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Shows for Hire!

The Folksbiene Troupe

National Yiddish Theater, Folksbiene

At the heart of the program is the Di Troupe, which takes Yiddish theatre to audiences unable to attend mainstage productions. Under the direction of Motl Didner (who also performs with the group), its seven members bring their work to enthusiastic audiences hungry for entertainment and social interaction.

The Folksbiene Troupe is a group of young performers who have come to the Yiddish world in their 20’s and 30’s and are passionate about finding their artistic expression through the Yiddish language. The Troupe currently tours with three musical productions:

All productions are performed in Yiddish with English translation supertitles. Russian supertitles available upon request.


Mama’s Loshn Kugel: a collection of classic Yiddish humor and theater songs. A great introduction to Yiddish theatre.

*For more information or to book a performance by The Folksbiene Troupe, please call Motl Didner at 212-213-2120 x202 or *This program is supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and The David Berg Foundation.


by Jack Feldstein & Lori Leifer

Originally an award winning neon re-animation comedy that is screened in film festivals worldwide, and now being told through live story-telling here in NYC. The story tells of a man who is unlucky in love, but is eventually helped to find it by a 90-year-old, Jewish, pensioner.

Always a fun time! This piece is a 30-minute short story told by it's author, Jack Feldstein, with intermittent, Yiddish, classic, folk song, by Lori Leifer. We usually follow the story with another 30-minutes of Yiddish sing-a-long.

Past performances include The Sixth Street Synagogue, Chulent Thursday and various Living Room Salons across NYC. 

For more information contact Lori Leifer using the "contact" page of this website or Jack Feldstein at

For a sample of the story you can check out Jack's 20-minute, NEON creation of the story (this was before we added Yiddish song) on YouTube:

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